New Highcon Beam 3

Digitally die cut 10 folding carton jobs with an average run length of 1000 sheets every shift

About New Highcon Beam 3

Mainstreaming digital die cutting for folding carton and micro flute packaging

The Highcon Beam 3 is our game-changing solution for digital die-cutting of folding cartons and micro-flute. This innovative system offers a 50% increase in productivity compared to the current solution, the Beam 2, when combined with the optional Beam Writer or about 25% without it. The Beam 3 offers higher quality and workflow improvements and is incredibly user-friendly. Converters can now handle up to 10 jobs per shift, with an average run length of 1000 sheets, and achieve a rapid ROI of under two years.

The Highcon Beam 3 is built on Highcon’s industry-leading Beam platform and was designed based on valuable feedback from customers and prospects. It offers numerous innovations and enhancements to take your digital die-cutting to the next level. It boasts advanced features including fast predictable setup, offline crease writing, 15% higher running speed, high registration accuracy, optimal folding force, and an advanced Digital Die Cutting Workflow Package (DWP). This innovative solution is created to match the right tool for the right job, delivering profitable small batches, rapid delivery times, design freedom, and reduced need for skilled labor.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to increase your production and improve your ROI. Get the Highcon Beam 3 today! Request an evaluation today!

At a Glance

  • Fast predictable setup
  • Offline crease writing (option)
  • 15% higher running speed
  • HIgh quality
  • Optimal folding force
  • Digital Die Cutting Workflow Package (DWP)



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  • The Highcon Beam Writer is compatible with all Highcon Beam systems in the field. It enables users to write the creasing rules using Highcon's proprietary DART system and 5th Generation Consumables on a dedicated offline system.
    Across Highcon's customer base, this step takes an average of 10 minutes per foil. For customers, for every 100 jobs per month, Beam Writer can free up more than 16 hours or two full shifts on Beam systems, improving productivity.


  • The right tool for the right job: Highcon complements analog
  • Profitable small batches, no MOQs
  • Fast delivery, without waiting for tooling
  • Print agnostic: analog or digital, Inkjet or Toner, UV or Water-based
  • Deskill labor: easily find and train operators


  • High speed – Up to 5,000 B1 / 40 inch sheets/hour
  • Wide substrate range – 200 µ / 8 pt. - 2 mm. / 78 pt.
  • Fast predictable setup: Materially reduces and standardizes setup (10%)
  • Offline crease writing (option): Removes "tool making time" and reduces setup (25%)
  • 15% higher running speed: Raises the actual average running speed across entire job basket
  • High registration accuracy: Materially expand applications range, multi-up cartons like pharma, suitable for industrialized high-speed filling lines
  • Optimal folding force: Meets demands of most demanding applications and materials
  • Digital Die Cutting Workflow Package (DWP): Digital manufacturing/simplify operations/faster training for new operators
  • Digital Die Cutting Workflow Package (DWP) including: True PDF workflow from Hybrid Systems, AI-based imposition using Esko Phoenix, Automated nicks and strip line creation, Last Minute Editing Suite developed by Highcon obviating the need for jobs to bounce between pre-press studios and the production floor


  parameter metric  in.

Substrate and performance

Max format 760 X 1060 mm. portrait 30 X 41.7
Min format 500 X 700 mm. portrait 19.7 X 27.6
Cartonboard & labels – cutting 200-900 µ 8-36 pt.
Cartonboard & labels – creasing 200-610 µ 8-24 pt.
Corrugated . Flute types N F G E
Up to 2 mm | 0.08″
Maximum throughput (s/h)* 5000
Pile data Height of feeder pile, inc. pallet 1.1 m. 3.6 ft.
Height of delivery pile, inc. pallet . 1 m. 3.3 ft.
Technical data Net cutting area 740 X 1050 mm. 29 X 41
Gripper margin 15 mm. 0.59
Machine dimensions & weight L x W x H 8.8 x 2.1 x 2.3 m 28 x 7 x 7.5 ft.
Net weight (tons) 8 tons
*Depends on layout imposition and substrate

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