Corrugated Packaging & Display

With the exponential growth of e-commerce and the ensuing requirement for packaging that can handle the hazards of direct-to-consumer shipping, there is a fast growing need for packaging designed specifically for e-commerce, removing the need for boxes within boxes and at the same time reducing shipping costs. Digital finishing for corrugated answers the consumer’s requirements for a positive unpacking experience, both structurally and visually, and the brand’s ability to deliver their messaging.

The benefits of digital finishing apply equally to the world of corrugated display and POS items:

  • Shorter runs which are customized, personalized
  • New designs with decorations or technical elements
  • The ability to open new markets and serve new customers, like start-up companies by removing the MOQs

HighConnect Performance Reporting Platform

HighConnect is a cloud-based data information platform that allows users to monitor their Highcon system production performance. Click here to learn more about HighConnect.

Corrugated Products
Highcon Beam 2C
The Highcon Beam 2C will be available in two versions – a pallet feed standard configuration and a field upgradable nonstop feeding, stacking and waste removal configuration.
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Highcon Euclid 5C
The Highcon Euclid 5C is installed at sites all over the world and brings digital production agility to the world of corrugated packaging and display
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